Manufacturers, importers of building materials told to abide by standards

MANUFACTURERS and importers of building materials have been advised to comply with both local and international standards to produce high quality goods that can compete in the regional and global markets.

The advice was given by the Acting Director for Compliance and Enforcement of the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), Ms Candida Shirima who represented the General Director of TBS, Mr Athuman Ngenya during the meeting with the stakeholders whereby she instructed the manufacturers to produce quality materials for the market.

“The materials manufactured and those imported from other countries, are required to meet the TBS standards and also the international standards,” she said.

She also added that the building materials including roof sheets, round pipes, steel and round bars are supposed to meet the required standards due to complaints received from consumers.

“Customers are complaining over the low standard materials… you’re supposed to produce materials that meet the required standard,” she added

Ms Shirima has also insisted that TBS is making sure that all the products in the markets meet the standards required and shall not hesitate to destroy the low standard materials.

“TBS will do thorough inspections in the markets and once we find the low standard materials, they shall be destroyed,” she added

Additionally, manufacturers and importers of building materials including those that will not abide by standards will incur heavy losses because the low quality products will be destroyed.

TBS urged the stakeholders to protect the production environment and make sure they produce quality materials to compete in the global market.

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