Majaliwa calls for stronger unity within CCM

MEMBER of the ruling CCM party Central Committee, Kassim Majaliwa has called on the party members to continue maintaining unity and solidarity in building a stronger party.

Mr Majaliwa, who is also the Prime Minister, made the call in Ruangwa District, Lindi Region on Sunday. He was addressing Ruangwa’s CCM General Assembly members, drawn from 22 wards at a meeting to elect party leaders in the district.    

“I insist on unity and solidarity because it is key in building a stronger party. The CCM’s Chairperson Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan has always called upon the party’s members to remain united, love each other and manage our party, so that it remains stronger in our areas, this is what the members of Ruangwa must stand for,” Mr Majaliwa insisted.

“If all districts — Ruangwa, Nachingwea, Liwale, Kilwa, Lindi Rural and Municipalities will be strong, then Lindi Region will automatically be strong politically. I believe Ruangwa will not let President Samia down,” he said.

Mr Majaliwa also highlighted to the members on several achievements the sixth phase government has registered within the district.

He mentioned some of them as the construction of primary and secondary schools, health centres, water projects, construction of VETA College, construction of dormitories for secondary schools, improving availability of water and electricity services.

“We in Ruangwa District have well implemented the CCM manifesto and President Samia has supported us a lot. Who does not know if this district had for some years faced acute deficit in the education sector? Who does not know that we did not have primary schools in every village? But today, we have made efforts and have reached more than 90 per cent in implementation of the party manifesto in having school in every village. The promise is to ensure that until the year 2025, every village has a primary school,” he said.

The PM added that there were three wards — Mbwemkuru, Nandagala and Nanganga which did not have secondary schools but now each ward has been given 470m/- for the projects and construction has already started.

“We have also received 1bn/- for the construction of a special school for girls, who will take science subjects. The school is located in Ruangwa, adjacent to the Majaliwa Stadium and will start teaching in January 2023,” he added.

He further added that other schools that have already been built including Kitandi will also open for classes in January 2023.

“Our girl children are still facing a myriad of challenges in this district. Since there are two secondary schools in Liugulu, we have decided that one will be for boys and the other for girls and we are building dormitories for all of them, so that our children can get a good education,” he said.

Moreover, Mr Majaliwa said the district received 2bn/- for the construction of Veta College and informed the members that an area of 70 acres was secured for the project and its construction is already completed.

In the health sector, the Premier told the delegates that the construction of the hospital in the district has reached a good stage and the health centres of Luchelegwa, Nandagala, Ruangwa, Narung’ombe, Nangurugai, Namichiga and Mandawa have been completed. He said the remaining ward – Nambilanje will be reached soon.

Speaking about electricity, Mr Majaliwa said that the work of supplying electricity to villages is going on and the district’s goal is to ensure that by December 2022, all villages will have access to electricity.

The election for the district CCM chairperson, three members of the national executive committee, ten members of the district executive committee and two members of the regional executive committee was still in progress.

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