Isle govt vows to further uplift people’s welfare

THE Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has assured that it will continue to uplift the living standards of its people through various empowerment programs, including the provision of interest-free loans

The remark was made by Zanzibar President, Dr Hussein Mwinyi during the eve of the 59th anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution that is marked today.

He said the government through its various programs has put in place procedures to empower citizens by providing them with interest-free loans due to their important contribution in strengthening the Isles economy.

“Until the end of December last year, through Covid-19 Recovery funds, the government has provided a total of 2,625 loans worth16. 8 bn/- to the citizens of Unguja and Pemba,” Dr Mwinyi said

He added that the loans have benefited entrepreneurs and businessmen involved in various activities, including cyclists, agriculture, livestock and bee keepers, carpenters, blacksmiths, food sellers and people involved in handicrafts.

Moreover, he said the government through Covid -19 relief funds built a total of 14 centers for entrepreneurs in all the districts of Zanzibar to ensure that they conduct their businesses in an orderly manner.

The entrepreneur centers project has so far cost a total of16bn/-, where a total of 6,800 entrepreneurs from various groups will benefit directly by finding permanent places to run their businesses.

He further noted that the construction work of Mwanakwerekwe, Jumbi and Chuwini markets has been handed over to the contractors.

“Major repairs are in progress at Darajani main market to restore the status of the market which is one the Stone Town of Zanzibar attractions” he noted

On the other hand, Dr Mwinyi said in a period of two years, the government has started to take various measures to solve employment challenges, especially for young people.

“In terms of employment in the government, we have already started recruiting in the Health and Education sectors, a total of 1,029 jobs have been provided for the year 2021/2022…

“2,355 permits have already been issued by the Public Service Commission and currently various steps to hire new employees are in the process”. he insisted.

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