Indian universities to optimise ongoing TCU exhibitions

INDIAN universities participating at the ongoing exhibitions for universities at Mnazi Mmoja grounds in Dar es Salaam, have admitted that the event was a prime opportunity to advertise their programmes.

The annual exhibitions have been organised by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), bringing together local and foreign higher learning institutions.

The ‘Daily News’ survey at the TCU exhibitions has established that there was a good number of universities from India participating in the exhibitions for the first time.

Speaking to the ‘Daily News’, Director for International Students & Global Relations, Dr Naveen Chandra from University of Swami Vivekananda Subhart, said despite participating in the exhibitions for the first, time they were optimistic that they would build a strong base of students from Tanzania.

“Currently we have three students who have applied for PhD studies and yet we are optimistic that many more will have interest to enroll,” Dr Chandra said.

“We offer a wide range of courses, from Social Sciences courses to Medicine, Nursing and Dentist courses.”

Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law at Swami Vivekananda Subhart University, Vaibhav Bharatiya, said their university is well staffed, reputable and their programme have been accredited by different professional bodies in India.

“We are accredited by the Nursing Council of India, Doctors Council of India and Engineering Registration Board,” Prof Bharatiya explained.

He said their university’s unique strength is that they offer practical education suitable for today’s global environment.

He added that they were comfortable that their graduates can compete in the job market anywhere in the globe.

“Academic excellence is our focus,” he insisted.

International Administration Manager from Chandigarh University, Harsmran Singh, on his part explained that their university has 30,000 students from 54 different countries in the world and currently has 200 continuing students from Tanzania and that is the reason which made them participate at the TCU exhibitions so that they can advertise their university’s programmes to youths who have just completed form six education.

“We understand that Tanzanian students are hardworking and that the Form Six results are now out and so students are looking for the right university to enroll in,” Singh explained, adding: “this is one of the reasons why we have decided to participate in these TCU exhibitions.”

He added that they were aware of the valid security concerns of parents for their children studying abroad and so they have a well secured university environment and so he assured that there is no need to worry about the security of students under their custodianship.

Chandigarh University offers management, health and social Sciences courses.

More Tanzanian parents are now looking for India and Asian countries as the right places to send their children for studies in different areas of expertise, including Management, IT, Medicine, Nursing and Dentist.

Lately, there is a growing trend of India, China and Asian countries to invest in different sectors in Tanzania.

Other areas that such countries’ governments and organisations have invested in Tanzania are the health sector, construction and trade.

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