Health facilities reap dividends from improved CHF

THE improved Community Health Fund (CHF) has paid back 75 per cent of its revenue to health facilities that provided treatment to members.

The Director of Health, Social Welfare and Nutrition Services in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Dr Ntuli Kapologwe said the payment has helped in improving services.

Speaking on the sidelines of a two-day annual regional and district medical officers’ general meeting, Dr Kapologwe underscored the need for embracing CHF for provision of better services.

He said that through the improved CHF a total of 30.167 bn/- was collected and 22.2 bn/- was paid back to the health facilities equivalent to 8bn/- per month.

“I urge all the RMOs and DMOs to ensure that the public is well aware of the fund so that more of them can enrol with the fund in an effort to boost provision of health services,” he said.

According to the director, the contributions from the fund, government contributions and those from other stakeholders if well managed will improve provision of health services.

Dr Kapologwe urged regional and district medical officers to continue embracing the improved CHF since it has improved health services and also offers best lessons towards universal health coverage.

He also urged them to properly manage the money generated as well as encouraging members of the public to join the fund especially those in informal sector.

CHF Coordinator at the Ministry, Mr Silvery Maganga, while making a presentation about the fund, said the improved CHF has proved the efficiency in reaching households and people in the informal sector.

“Through improved CHF, the less fortunate households have been able to afford treatment at any time” he said, adding that it has also enabled all groups of people in the society to access health services.

He named some of such special groups as petty traders, workers in some private companies who now have equitable access to health services.

According to the coordinator, the community health fund is one of the best ways towards universal health coverage.

He explained that assessment conducted by Workers Compensation Fund (WCF), National Social Security ( NSSF) and Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority  (TIRA) on  the improved CHF in 2022 indicated that members contribution would increase from 270bn/- in 2022 to 640 bn/- in 2025 and 1650 bn/- in 2040.

On the other hand, the fund’s expenditure would increase from 230bn/- in 2022 to 560bn/- in 2025 and increase to more than 2010bn- in 2040.

“The assessment on revenue versus expenditure of CHF shows that the fund is able to provide services to its beneficiaries from 2022 up to 2030 without excess budget.

“It is important that universal health coverage takes lessons from the improved CHF in order to reach all people, especially the rural-based population,” he noted.

Dodoma Regional CHF Coordinator, Mr Francis Lutalala also noted that people can get health services through the fund.

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