Head of State makes new appointments

DAR ES SALAAM: PRESIDENT Dr Samia Suluhu Has￾san on Saturday evening appointed various leaders to different positions including new board chairpersons.

According to the statement issued by Chief Secretary, Dr Moses Kusiluka,the Head of state has ap￾pointed Ambassador, Dr John Sim￾bachawene the deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Before the appointment, Ambassador Dr Simbachawene was a senior officer in the President’s Of fice.

The President has appointed Mr Nkoba Mabula the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in charge of tourism.

Before the appointment, Mr Mabula served as the Senior Officer in the President’s Office.

The statement further said CP Benedict Wakulyamba has been appointed  deputy Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in charge of natural resources.

Moreover, Dr Habib Kambanga has been ap￾pointed as ambassador.

Before the appointment, Dr Kambanga was serving as senior officer in the President’s Office.

According to the statement, the President has appointed Thobias Makoba as new Director of Information Services (MAELEZO) and Chief Government Spokesperson.

Before the appointment, Mr Makoba was serving as head of communication unit at Treasury Registrar’s Office.

He is replacing Mobhare Matinyi who has been assigned other duties.

Mr Ally Mketo has been appointed as Bukombe District Administrative Secretary.

Before his appointment, Mr Mketo was Senior administrative officer at the office of Bukombe District.

Mr Mketo is replacing Mr Onesmo Kisoka who has retired.

Judge Dr Mary Levira, who is currently serving as appeal court judge, has been appointed as the chairperson of the council of Institute of Judicial Administration of Lushoto.

She replaces Judge Dr Gerald Ndika whose tenure of office has expired.

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The Head of State has appointed Dr Leonard Akwilapo the chairman of the board of Tanzania Education Authority (TEA).

Dr Akwiwilapo is former Permanent Secretary and University of Dodoma Senior Lecturer.

Dr Akwilapo is replacing Prof Maurice Mbago whose tenure has expired.

Dr Noel Mbonde has been appointed as chairperson of the administration board of Arusha Technical College.

Dr Mbonde is a retired Director from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.




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