Halotel to offer monthly free mobile top-ups to university students 

In its continued support to the country’s education sector, Halotel telecommunication Company has come up with an innovative approach to its products to customers as it will now offer monthly free mobile top-ups to university students.

The company yesterday announced a new initiative aimed at facilitating learning in higher education through offering a monthly free mobile recharge worth 1500/- to every student who uses Halotel’s university SimCard (Edu SIMs).

This new service is expected to further make improvements in learning through digital platforms for the students of all universities in the country.

“We would like to be part of the contribution to the development of this important sector. We understand that education enables people to develop their full potential and become successful members of society,” Mr Abdallah Salum, Halotel’s Director of Business, said during an event held at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) to launch the service.

“By contributing through this social development project, we believe we will help to reduce disparities in the country through the continuous and inclusive development of the human resources capacity by facilitating all students with opportunities to enjoy a more productive life,” stated Mr Salum.

Mr Salum said the service is continuous as the company aims at supporting all higher learning students by granting them a communication supplement every month from the time of enrollment to the time of course completion.

Currently, there is an estimated total number of 900,000 university students, according to 2022 data from the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU).

The total number of universities that have been involved in this program (Halotel’s programme) is more than 280 all over the country (meaning in each region in Tanzania).

Apart from launching this service to all university students, Halotel will also organise a big Concert on 10th December 2022 that will involve the live performance of famous artists including Mr Blue, Mabantu, Amber Lulu, Dullah Makabila and others.

“To ensure that University students are also enjoying using our Mobile Money service (HALOPESA) Halotel introduces the Free Levy campaign specifically for HaloPesa University customers.  This will be available on Halotel University Simcards only which goes by the name (Edu SIMs),” …explained, Ms Roxana Kadio.

This campaign will run for six months from this month whereby students will be able to transact with no government levy for five transactions per month not exceeding 30,000/-.

Every University student in Tanzania who would become a HaloPesa customer would be able to get this promotion by doing any of HaloPesa transactions.

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