Gwajima urges villagers to restore sanity

ARUSHA: COMMUNITY Development, Gender, Women, and Special Groups Minister Dr Dorothy Gwajima has urged communities to take the lead in restoring traditional values and morals.

In a statement released by her office, Dr Gwajima appealed to communities to enact their own by laws that will be regulating people’s conduct and punish those who go astray.

The Minister, who was reacting to decision by Olevolos village council at Kimnyak ward, which recently introduced harsh punishment against those deviating from societal morals, underscored the role of communities in restoring sanity.

“It takes a village to raise a child so goes an adage, I would like to therefore, commend Olevolos village for championing the cause of moral revival. They have truly set an example for other leaders,” she said in her statement.

The village stole the limelight recently after coming up with bylaws that will pin down those who go against the set norms.

For instance, a woman or lady who would appear skimpily dressed in the village which is located on Mt Meru foothills will be liable to pay 50,000 as a fine.

Such a hefty penalty will also be imposed on young men who grow Mohawks, wearing earrings and those found boozing during working hours.

Also not spared in the bylaws are those brewing illicit alcohol and those found idling during working hours.

Speaking in Arusha last week, Kimnyak Ward Executive Officer Joshua Mollel, said the bylaws had been duly passed and approved at a village council.

“They received a resound approval by the villagers, and I hope that sanity will be restored in this area,” he said.

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