Grumeti Fund scholarship recipients shine in national exams

THE Grumeti Fund located in Serengeti district of Mara region continues to make a difference in the lives of students by awarding academic scholarships to students from 21 villages that border the Ikorongo – Grumeti concession. Scholarships are available for students attending secondary schools all the way to universities.

The National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) released results of the 2022 Form Two National Examinations on January 4, 2023. 13 out of 15 Grumeti Fund Scholarship beneficiaries from Issenye Secondary School scored division one in their results.

Yakobo Hamis who is a scholarship beneficiary from Nyamatoke village in Bunda district says, “I have been sponsored for my studies from form one, and for this, I am so grateful Scoring straight A’s in all subjects has made me and my family happy.”

“I am happy that I was able to perform well in my form two national exams,” says Prisca Samson, a scholarship recipient from Park Nyigoti village in Serengeti.

Prisca received an eight-point division one score. She adds, “hard work and perseverance were required along the way. Iwouldd like to express my gratitude to the Grumeti Fund for this scholarship which has allowed me to take a step closer to achieving my life’s ambition.

“I’m currently focusing on taking CBG (Chemistry, Biology, and Geography), and I want to pursue a career in Science someday. I would like to see other young girls like myself have the same opportunity to study. “

Ezekiel Ombaso Onderi, Headmaster ofIssenye secondary school said, “these students make us proud. We all know their good performance is the result of the Grumeti Fund’s empowerment sessions, their life skills training, and the scholarship beneficiaries mentorship program. Our students who are Grumeti Fund’s scholarship beneficiaries always perform well in their studies. I can say, the selection process is awesome.”

Frida Mollel, Grumeti Fund’s Community Outreach Manager, said, “we are happy to see the positive changes that we are bringing to the surrounding communities. Indirectly, by educating students, we are preventing these young minds from being left with no choice but to enter into questionable activities like poaching, which is not only detrimental to conservation but also risky and dangerous.”

Grumeti Fund is a conservation and community development non-profit organization committed to educating communities in the surrounding areas.

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