Greece wildfires: Hospital evacuated as fire intensifies in Alexandroupolis

GREECE: Dozens of patients have been moved from a hospital in north-eastern Greece as wildfires burn out of control for a fourth day near Alexandroupolis.

The flames reached the grounds of the university hospital and among those moved were new-born babies and intensive care patients. Many of those evacuated were taken to a ferry in the nearby port.

Patients hooked up to oxygen bottles lay on mattresses on decks of the ship converted into hospital wards.

Tents were also erected on the shore. Alexandroupolis, a major port close to Greece’s north-eastern border with Turkey, is one of a number of Greek regions tackling wildfires, whipped up by high winds and temperatures which are set to reach 39C (102F) on Tuesday.

Fires are raging elsewhere – on the island of Evia and in Boeotia in central Greece, where several villages have been evacuated.

At least one person has already died because of the fires ravaging villages close to Alexandroupolis.

Greek officials ordered a fleet of ambulances and buses to take some 115 patients away from the university hospital on the north-east fringe of the city.

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