Govt dishes out 3.4bn/- to expand Ruvuma public hospitals

THE government has dished out 3.4bn/- to expand and develop five public hospitals in Ruvuma Region, Regional Commissioner Colonel Laban Thomas has said.

Speaking here over the weekend, Col Thomas mentioned the hospitals as Ruvuma Regional Referral Hospital, Nyasa, Mbinga, Madaba and Songea hospitals.

He said the Ruvuma Regional Referral Hospital is being expanded at the cost of 2.7bn/- in the first phase.

He said the development of Ruvuma Regional Referral Hospital include the construction of Outpatient Department (ODP), radiation therapy ward and houses for staff.

According to Col Thomas, the government provided 856m/- to facilitate the construction of nine houses for staff and 900m/- for construction of Emergency Medical Department (EMD) in Tunduru, Nyasa and Madaba hospitals in Ruvuma Region.

He also said the government has built twelve public health centres in Ruvuma at the cost of 7.8bn/-.

Commenting on availability of medicines and medical equipment in health centres, Col Thomas said availability of medicines currently stands at 96 per cent in health centres in the region.

Nyasa Member of Parliament Ms Stella Manyanya commended the government for improvement of health care infrastructure in hospitals and health centres in the constituency, saying the move has help ease access of health care services to the citizens.

Meanwhile, the construction of 156 classrooms for secondary schools worth 3.1bn/- in Ruvuma Region has been completed and handed over to the government in the region.

RC Thomas gave an update over the weekend, noting that the classrooms are ready to accommodate the new Form One students to join schools next week.

He said the construction of the classrooms has enabled the region to get rid of shortage of the educational infrastructure, calling for parents to register their children as required.

He said the classrooms have been furnished with desks to accommodate all the students enrolled to join the secondary education.

In another development, the RC said the government has disbursed 7.7bn/- that has enabled the construction of 11 new secondary schools in the region.

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