Govt allocates 40bn/- for subsidised fertilisers in northern regions

THE Government has allocated more than 40bn/- so far for subsidised fertilisers distribution for the northern zone regions during the 2022/23 agricultural season, a move which is expected to increase food production.

This was stated over the weekend by the Acting Zonal Manager of the Tanzania Fertiliser Regulatory Authority (TFRA), Mr Gothard Liampawe, during a workshop between TFRA officials, subsidised fertiliser coordinators and extension officers from Arusha, Manyara, Kilimanjaro and Tanga regions in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region.

“Kilimanjaro Region led the other three regions during the exercise whereby so far, more than 8,000 tonnes of subsidised fertilisers worth 19bn/- has been distributed to farmers,” he said.

Regarding the situation of the subsidised fertiliser registration exercise, Mr Liampawe said so far more than 500,000 farmers have been registered in the northern regions.

“We used the electronic system during the registration exercise compared to the manual system, the motive here is to control some agro-dealers who were entrusted in distributing subsidised fertilisers as well as some farmers who are not faithful,” he said.

He added, “It has been discovered that some agro-dealers and farmers are committing fraud in this exercise, which may cause the intended goals of producing food in abundance through subsidised fertilisers not to be achieved,”

He described another challenge as some farmers do take their colleagues’ shares without following the established procedure and thus causing challenges during the exercise.

“This challenge stems from some farmers not taking good care of their secret registration numbers whereby those who do not have good intentions take those numbers and go to collect fertiliser which is meant for the real owners of the registered farmers,” he said.

He said that to curb the challenge, TFRA has continued with the exercise of providing education to farmers to ensure that their registration numbers meant for subsidised fertilisers are preserved well just as they do for their bank account secret numbers.

Mr Liampawe continued to say that another challenge was that of some farmers delaying collecting subsidised fertiliser allocated to their geographical areas of farming something which he said discouraged agro-dealers who he said spent a lot of money to deliver subsidised fertiliser to farmers.

“To address this situation, TFRA in collaboration with some government leaders at the Local Governments Authorities level has been providing education on the importance and benefits of using fertilisers in agriculture,” he said.

Regarding the workshop, Mr Liampawe said it was aimed at identifying the challenges in the whole exercise of subsidised fertiliser distribution in the Northern Zone regions and how to solve them.

Commenting on the workshop session, Kilindi District’s subsidised fertiliser coordinator, in Tanga Region Mr Godwin Wolfgang said that the education they received will help to get answers that many farmers were asking concerning subsidised fertilisers in general.

For her part, Ms Pauline Joseph, an agricultural officer from Manyara Region, said that the workshop session has given its participants education that will help them motivate farmers to use fertilisers, which she said will contribute to increasing food production.

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