GGML employees take advantage of free cancer screening at Geita mining exhibition

In a bid to motivate the community in the fight against cancer, Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) employees today turned up at the sixth Geita Mining Technology Exhibition to receive vital information and be screened for various cancers.

The education and screening services for cervical, breast and prostate cancer are being provided free of charge by the Geita Regional Referral Hospital in collaboration with GGML at the Bombambili site in the Geita Economic Zone (EPZA).

Emergency Response Team Coordinator from GGML, Evarist Mwanakatwe given prostate cancer tests by one of the doctors of the Geita Referral Hospital. The hospital in collaboration with GGML are providing free education and screening services for prostate, cervical and breast cancer in the sixth Geita mining technology exhibition.

Dk. Pasclates Ijumba, Medical Services Coordinator at the Geita Referral Hospital, says they decided to provide these services to curb the effects of cancer, especially for citizens who are afraid to be screened due to misconceptions in the society.

He cites the example of the cervical cancer vaccine, which is given to young girls; some communities prohibit their girls from receiving the vaccine because they have not been properly educated about it.

“In the same way, for men, regarding the prostate examination, many think that until they are tested by an expert to palpate the prostate, I would like to dispel their fears about this because now there is a special blood test instead of a finger test,” he said, adding that some of GGML’s workers have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Dk. Kiva Mvungi, GGML’s Senior Manager for Health, Safety, Environment and Training, said: “Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and the sixth most common cause of death. He said the main symptoms of prostate cancer are urinary incontinence, back and hip pain.

“As a result, the GGML Community Department together with the Health, Safety and Environment Department have prepared a campaign to measure and strengthen medical awareness,” he said, adding, “The campaign aims not only to educate but also to encourage not only GGML employees but also people in the community around the mine to test their health and, if found to have a problem, to seek early treatment.

GGML employee Evarist Mwanakatwe says they are motivated to come for the cancer screening and are also being educated about the disease to encourage the Geita community and all those attending the exhibition to come and get the service as it is free.

The mining and technology exhibition, which has attracted more than 400 participants this year, will run for 10 days from 20 to 30 September this year.


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