GF Trucks gets awards as key mining machineries supplier

INVESTMENT , Industry and Trade Minister, Dr Ashatu Kijaji has urged vehicles’ assembling company, GF Trucks and Equipment Limited to offer a special priority to small scale miners by enabling them to have access to machines.

Dr Kijaji made the remarks at the climax of the Technology in Mining Exhibition Week held in Geita region, where she awarded GF Trucks and Equipment Limited, a recognition award for being a leading supplier of mining machineries and vehicles in the country.

The Minister called upon stakeholders in the construction sector to buy new vehicles that can enable them to become competitive on the local market and secure reasonable construction tenders.

“The days of used vehicles and machines are over. I would like to encourage growing companies in the construction sector to heavily invest in new equipment that can easily facilitate their operations instead of purchasing used machinery,” she added.

The GF Trucks and Equipment Sales Executive, Paul Msuku said that the award is a motivation to a company for its dedicated initiatives and investments in the mining sector.

“We are happy to be recognised as a leading company in the mining equipment supply chain. GF Trucks is one of the established companies in Tanzania working on supply of XCMG mining machines and FAW trucks for 15 years now,” said Msuku.

At the exhibition climax, the Company sold one XCMG machine to G Unity Square Limited. According to G Unity Square Limited Director Ezekiel Rembo, participation of GF Trucks at this year’s mining exhibition has enabled his Company purchase the machine at affordable price compared to what it would have paid in purchasing the machine directly from the factory at Kibaha.

In his response, Msuku said GF Trucks has started empowering small scale mining and construction companies by offering equipment loans that can help them become competitive against established companies in winning tenders.

He asserted that the company has been offering equipment loans to growing companies in the construction and mining sector for almost nine months now.

“Most of the machinery and equipment that are offered in this way are wheel loaders, crawler excavators, motor grader and vibration rollers. Most of these machines have a minimum price of 370m/-; The growing company is just required to pay half of the money to secure the machine and pay the rest in agreed installments,” said Msuku.

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