Former minister cautions on AI technology

The government has been advised to formulate a policy to control the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent people from abusing the technology.

The advice was given by the former Minister of Communications and Transport, Prof Mark Mwandosya during a public forum on technology, business and regulations organised by the College of Business Education (CBE) at the main Campus of Dar es Salaam, on Thursday.

Prof Mwandosya said without the control of the technology, people could emerge and misuse it and cause chaos in the society by doing things that are not pleasant.

He said technology in the world continues to grow at a faster pace than many people’s expectations and some countries are using that technology to make devices such as computers and cars.

“If you look at many factories in developed countries, machines are now doing the jobs that were previously done by humans and they are doing those jobs faster and with better quality without problems,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prof Mwandosya, who is the Chairman of the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Authority (EWURA), said that the world is now getting rid of cars using fuel because they produce carbon dioxide that causes global warming.

He said car manufacturers are moving away from the technology of current cars that use petrol and diesel and are going to use electric batteries and have already started manufacturing them.

The Director of the Information and Communication Technology Commission (IT) Dr Nkundwe Mwasaga, said technology should increase creativity and stimulate various economic activities.

“We are in charge of the issues of the digital revolution and we are looking at five pillars, like to increase the knowledge of Tanzanians, to ensure that the systems are safe and reliable, to ensure that communication services are available in all areas without any discrimination, to create a digital economy that includes all Tanzanians and ensure that issues of innovation, creativity and digital entrepreneurship are used properly so that we have many modern companies,” he said

The Rector of the College of Business Education (CBE), Prof Edda Lwoga, said the college has been organising debates from time to time which provide solutions to challenges by providing alternative ideas.

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