Firm puts 10,000 farmers on mentorship database

TANZANIA: EAST Africa Foods Tanzania (EAF) has selected and put into its database some 10,000 farmers and 7000 retailers to join a new class of entrepreneurs’ network.

The selected entrepreneurs will get mentorship training from more experienced founders who can help them make more investment in their business to warrant their growth and expansion.

EA Foods was among the 30 entrepreneurs invited to Nairobi in Kenya to present their applications to join a special panel of successful entrepreneurs, investors and company leaders.

The EA Foods Tanzania founder and CEO, Mr Elia Timotheo, said the firm is involved in collecting and distributing fresh garden produce using technology and data in the country.

“The EA Foods’ goal is to reduce the technology and information gap between retailers and small farmers, ensuring fair prices and highquality products for all who collaborate with the company,” said Mr Timotheo over the weekend.

The firm gets fresh produce from more than 10,000 farmers from different parts of the country and makes more than 4,000 collections every day.

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EA Foods Chief Finance Officer Diana Michael said after being selected the company received a three-day training conducted by a panel of experts.

“We believe this training will enable EA Foods to reach its growth potential…,” she said. The company employs more than 200 employees. The Endeavor Co-Founder and CEO, Ms Linda Rottenberg, said the EA Foods is the first from Tanzania to join the network during the 99th meeting of international experts held in the Nairobi.

“Entrepreneurship already exists in every country including Tanzania. We are strengthening the environment that can promote its growth,” she said.

Ms Rottenberg said the panel of experts was impressed by the success of EA Foods achieved over ten years of the company’s existence.

Other entrepreneurs selected in the 99th meeting include blnk (Egypt), Chickin (Indonesia), Matta (Nigeria), Pick Up Coffee (Philippines) and Insider (Brazil).

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