Exports value increases by 16pc annually

TANZANIA: TANZANIA exports have been increasing at an average of over 16 per cent a year in the last four years pushed by enhanced quality of goods.

According to Tanzania Trade Development Authority’s (TanTrade) latest data, the country’s exports value between 2018 and 2022 were 27.93 billion US dollars (70tri/-) where some businesses’ good performance  was championed by the country’s ambassadors and high commissioners abroad.

TanTrade Director General, Ms Latifa Khamis recently asked newly appointed ambassadors and high commissioners accredited in foreign countries to fully exploit economic diplomacy and market the country to win more exports.

“The ambassadors and high commissioners have come to gain knowledge which will lead them to strategically promote our nation’s exports and organise themselves in the areas of work in the countries they are going to serve,” said Ms Khamis.

The envoys paid a courtesy call to TanTrade office to raise awareness on the country’s external trade to ready themselves to represent the country better at their new duty stations, especially on the type of quality and exports and the export-import procedure per country.

The countries where ambassadors and high commissioners were going to represent Tanzania are Burundi, Qatar, China, Saudi Arabia and Algeria, Egypt, Kenya and Rwanda.

The TanTrade data showed that major products exported between 2018 and 2022 include gold, cashews, copper, rice, tobacco, coffee, coal, sesame, lentils, corn, fertiliser, diamonds, cotton, cement, alcohol, fish paste and peas.

The other export products were glass containers, fish fillets, wheat husks, cloves, drinking water, hemp ropes, decorations, gas, cosmetics, sack packaging, soy, cocoa and beans.

Also, the country’s imported products were petroleum, machinery, vehicles, plastics, electrical equipment, steel, medicines, fertiliser and grains.

The envoys promised to work closely with Tantrade to promote business as well as economic growth.

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