‘Exhibit TZ’s contribution in African liberation’

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports, Damas Ndumbaro has directed the African Liberation Heritage Centre to be creative in showing the contribution made by Tanzania in the liberation of various African countries.

Ndumbaro gave the instructions recently after he visited the centre here to see how it carries out its duties, especially to preserve the history of the liberation of the African continent.

He also instructed the leaders, tasking them to ensure they list all the 260 centres that exist in Tanzania.

“List all the 260 centres that are found here in Tanzania; classify who owns them and in what condition they are, and how we can use them to put the history of the liberation of the African continent on the proper map,” he said.

African Liberation Heritage’s goal is to collect, document, preserve, and develop the history of African liberation that resulted from the struggle for freedom.

Other goals are to stimulate and develop the study of the heritage of African liberation, to protect, preserve, and develop the Heritage of African Liberation.

Also, it is out to establish a system of honouring heroes and developing ownership of the heritage of African liberation, building professional capacity in managing and spreading the legacy of African liberation.

Lastly, the centre aims to cooperate with member states of the programme and announce the liberation heritage sites in the Government Gazette so that they are legally protected.

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