Enroll Children for early childhood education, parents urged

PARENTS have been asked to enroll their children for early education so that they are adequately prepared prior to joining primary education.

By joining nursery school, experts say, a child has the capacity to build up his/her brain in a simple and active way that helps them to smoothly join standard one.

The call was made here by the National Coordinator for Early Education from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ms Hawa Selemani, when officiating the graduation for pre-primary education as St Mary’s Dodoma.

According to her, early education was vital for children as it was the only option to build their capacity to learn different things prior to joining standard one.

She hence urged parents to enroll their children for that crucial education, as she paid tribute to St Mary’s Dodoma for the several techniques and training the school was offering to children attending pre-primary education including the talents and sporting activities that were showcased by the children graduating early education as well as those who were still schooling.

Already, the government has already developed  the first ever National Guideline for Early Education Quality and Outcomes, and in the process, stakeholders in the education sector met in the country’s capital—Dodoma earlier this year to air their recommendations on the proposed draft which seeks to intensify the provision of high quality education for all in the country.

Held at Mtemi Mazengo Model Primary School, the stakeholders’ meeting was attended by lecturers from different public higher learning institutions, representatives of development partners, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Early Education Leaders as well as Quality Assurance officers from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, media representatives, among others.

Early Learning Quality and Outcomes Initiative equally aims at improving early childhood education in the country through measurement of children’s development and learning and the quality of learning environments.

At the graduation ceremony, the Director of St Mary’s Dodoma, Mr Tibe Rwakatare, said his school would continue improving all necessary learning infrastructures which was key for early education as per the guidelines from the ministry.

Among other issues as per the guidelines from the government, there were key five objectives of the early education guidelines which include identifying the important needs in the provision of early education, identifying key services that need to be provided to early learning pupils during school hours, putting up requisite qualities for provision of early learning, identifying the responsibilities of different stakeholders as well as making follow-ups and assessment to identify the qualities of education provided.

In meeting all the guidelines, Mr Rwakatare said that St Mary’s Dodoma was continuing with the project for the construction of the building for early education which would separate children attending pre-primary education with those enrolled for primary education.

The Head teacher for St Mary’s Dodoma, Mr Benard Maalafu said the school was fully committed to strengthening supervision of children when attending school within the compounds of the latter, in efforts to ensure that they receive a quality education.

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