Engage public in development vision preparation-Biteko orders

ARUSHA: DEPUTY Prime Minister Dr Dotto Biteko on Monday directed Planning Officers to effectively engage Tanzanians in the preparations of the country’s 2050 Development Vision.

Dr Biteko said it was important for the citizenry to take part in initiatives aimed at addressing societal challenges.

“As we wait for the kick off the vision in the next two years, we also need to involve Tanzanians in its preparations,” pointed out the Deputy PM, while opening Planners Week at the Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC).

According to Dr Biteko, Tanzanians must be part and parcel of the future they crave to see, hence, the need of featuring them in its preparation.

The new Development Vision, whose implementation will start during the 2026/27 financial year, is set to build the current Development Vision 2025, which is at its final stage of implementation.

Currently, the country’s third Five-Year National Development Plan-which covers the 2021/22 to 2025/2026 financial year is under implementation.

Likewise, Dr Biteko challenged the planning officers to be on the forefront in helping the government in achieving its desired targets.

Elaborating, the Deputy Premier highlighted the roles of Directors of Planning and Policy in assisting the government with the implementation of strategic planning projects, regional plans and state-wide regional planning frameworks to ensure the objectives of the State, regional and local planning are achieved.

“Do not take yourselves for granted, you’re the think tanks of the government,” he observed.

Dr Biteko equally urged the planning officers to release reports on executed plans to the government, in a bid to keep track the resources and projects undertaken so far.

Earlier on, Minister for Finance and Planning, Dr Mwigulu Nchemba said many countries in Africa were failing because of poor planning.

“Many plans are gathering dust in the shelves, Africa’s problem is planning, not implementing,” he said.

For his part, Former Chief Secretary Ombeni Sefue rooted for serious prioritisation, execution and sustainability of plans by the planning officers.

The four-day event brought together Directors of Planning and Policy for knowledge and experience sharing.

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