Dr Kiruswa advices WB to facilitate studies on strategic minerals

MINERALS Deputy Minister, Dr Steven Kiruswa has asked the World Bank (WB) to facilitate the conduct of detailed studies in the countries rich in strategic minerals, which are currently highly needed in the world.

He said Tanzania has already completed preliminary studies on such minerals and found out that there was a large amount of such resources, including Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Vanadium, Iron, Lithium, Rare Earth Element, Niobium and others.

He stated: “Due to presence of sufficient resources, there is still need to carry out detailed studies on those minerals,”

Therefore, he appealed to the WB to provide funds for the development of the research activities on those minerals in order to enable countries with such resources to know the amount of deposits of these minerals and to enable them have a database of those minerals.

The Deputy Minister made the plea recently while contributing to the 2nd Conference on the development of strategic minerals held in the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

Dr Kiruswa asked the bank to increase cooperation with countries rich in strategic minerals in helping to build capacity among experts in research and mining.

Initially, when opening the meeting, the Minister for Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia, Mr Bandar Ibrahim Al Khorayef, explained the importance of African and Asian countries to cooperate in managing strategic mineral research activities to ensure that such minerals benefit the countries by promoting the economy and fostering development of the people.

On his part, Tanzania’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Jabir Mwadini, congratulated the Ministry for participating in the conference.

He argued that the ministry’s participation was crucial considering the richness of resources that the country is blessed with, including the minerals that are currently in high demand in the world.

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