Dodoma rural residents urged to take advantage of Nikonekt app

THE Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) Dodoma region has asked rural residents in the region to use the opportunity of connecting their homes at low costs by optimizing the ‘Nikonekt’ mobile application through their mobile phones.

The Nikonekt app is a system that enables TANESCO customers to apply for power service connection using a smart phone.

The application also enables customers to track submitted applications, provide emergency information, make non-electronic applications, lodge complaints and make various inquiries.

The call was made by Public Relation Officer of TANESCO Dodoma region, Sarah Libogom, during educational and mobilization sessions to citizens at Mpwapwa district.

TANESCO Dodoma region has been providing education and creating awareness in villages that benefit from Rural Energy Agency (REA) projects implemented in Kondoa and Mpwapwa districts.

Public awareness has been focusing on informing citizens about rural electrification projects and its implementation as well as proper use of electricity including safety.

Speaking with citizens from Kikilokati, Berabera and Kuhengwa villages, she asked them to welcome the ongoing electricity projects in their areas and ensure that they apply for power connection service through the Nikonekt system.

“Citizens should take advantage of this opportunity through their phones, it is an easier and more effective system as the government is trying to reduce costs and time that citizens use seeking for the service,” said Ms Libogom.

“At only 27,000/- you get connected to electricity, I believe this amount of money is not a lot as you can just have it by selling two chickens, let’s use this opportunity because the project nears completion,” she added.

However, Ms Libogom further told members of the public to safeguard electricity infrastructures since the government spends a lot of money in implementing such projects.

“You should make sure that you use reputable and right technicians when doing wiring in your houses,” she advised.

Commenting, Councillor of Kikilokati ward, Mr Yuda Daniel, extended his gratitude to the government for implementing the REA project in Kikilokati.

He told the citizens to cooperate with contractors and the government to ensure that the project is completed in time.

“Citizens have high expectations to the government; thus I believe they will cooperate so that the project is completed in time because people are very happy to be reached in this project and they are eagerly waiting for power connection,” he said.

The OK Electrical Contractor is the main contractor of the REA project in 72 villages around Mpwapwa and Kondoa districts, so far the project has reached approximately 50 per cent of its implementation.

This project is expected to be completed in January 2023, where in Mpwapwa district 14 villages out of 34 have already been connected to electricity and the remaining 20 villages will be connected by January 2023.

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