Dodoma braces for 250 ultra modern residential houses

THE construction work for at least 250 ultra-modern residential houses in Dodoma Region is expected to commence from earlier next month, if all goes well, the National Housing Corporation (NHC) has said.

The state-owned real estate company has decided to implement the project in the country’s Capital City to help expand its scope in the provision of modern residential apartment’s services to public servants as well as other common Tanzanians, who are yearning for better residences.

Relocation of the government’s administration headquarters from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma has so far witnessed a major shift of human population and capitals, as well as other mobile properties, the development which among others necessitates effective improvement of the real estate sector.

NHC’s Public Affairs and Information Manager, Muungano Saguya, said that the residential apartments would be positioned at the Medeli area in Capital City, detailing that the houses will be elevated in terms of separate group flats.

“The houses will be constructed under the Samia Housing Scheme (SHC), the on-going Tanzania’s major 466bn/- worth real estate project, which aims to install a total of 5000 houses in different regions, including Dodoma and Dar es Salaam,” he said.

And he added, through the project, SHC, a greater percentage of the houses (50 per cent) would be built in Dar es Salaam while 20 per cent of the same would be constructed in the country’s capital—Dodoma and that the remaining 30 per cent would be taken to other regions.

Mr Saguya expounded that NHC was keen to implement the project in Dodoma so as to quench a growing thirst of many dwellers within the region who are looking forward to having the vital accommodation services at patriotic and reasonable prices.

As the corporation prepares to embark on the project in the central zone region, Saguya expressed the ongoing construction of 560 housing units at the Tanganyika Packers grounds in the Kawe section of Dar es Salaam City will continue in the set standards and quality.

“We’re implementing the projects in the two regions while mulling and preparing to venture into other regions. We have been compelled to start the project in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma due to the available high appetite for the apartments in the regions,” he noted.

NHC is constructing at least 560 housing units in Kawe Ward of the Dar es Salaam City, the ongoing project that has so far seen more than 320 units sold to eager house owners who have been paying for the properties right from the construction stage.

Previously, NHC implemented another project in Dodoma, one that involved construction of a group of 14 blocks near the Medeli area, the facilities which consisted of three bedrooms (one master bedroom and suite), private balcony and a spacious lounge.

In some further efforts to improve performance of the real estate sector across the country, NHC under the corporation’s Joint Venture Policy of 1993 and its various amendments of 1998, 2006, 2012 and major overhaul in 2022, opened a special window for eligible and interested companies to apply for opportunities to extend their investment footholds for the development of its various plots through joint venture arrangement in order to have the number of low cost houses increased.

The development has so far attracted at least 66 various real estate companies that have expressed interest to partner with NHC in implementation of various future projects.

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