DMI to strengthen its teaching methods

THE Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute (DMI) looks forward to further improving its practical learning infrastructures in a bid to effectively prepare graduates to compete in the job market.

Speaking to journalists in Dodoma recently, the Acting Dean of the DMI, Dr Tumaini Gurumo, said that in the near future it is expected that 400,000 job opportunities would be created in the marine transport sub-sector, mainly due to the development of the sector, the increase in number vessels and the development of the blue economy.

“We are expecting to improve the training we offer by constructing small marine transport vessels as part of practical training, improve the colleges’ training workshop through addition of modern equipment and learning spaces, construction and maintenance of IT systems that will support the provision of long-distance (Online) training as well as launching learning facilities in other areas around the country including Pemba and Kigoma,” said Dr Tumaini.

Dr Tumaini also noted that the DMI is grateful to the sixth phase government led by President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan for endorsing 6.5bn/- for the institute to buy modern teaching equipment such as Full Mission Engine Room and Crane Simulator.

“We are very grateful to the six-phase government for its financial support, through these funds we have purchased modern equipment that helps us improve the quality of education we offer by making students learn more practically than theoretically,” she said.

She added that the sixth phase government has also enabled the DMI to find areas in Mwanza and Lindi regions for building DMI branches in order to bring education on marine transport closer to the community.

“If training on marine life comes closer to the community it will help to expand the scope of employment opportunities for youth because the seafaring labor market in the country and in the world continues to grow rapidly,” she said.

The government has also opened the doors for the students in middle colleges to access loans from the Higher Education Students Loan Board in Tanzania (HESLB).

This move is expected to increase the number of students who got loans in this year compared to previous years.

“In 2021/2022 more than 850 students were allocated with loans but in 2022/2023 more than 1705 students got loans and more than half got 100 per cent,” she added.

DMI is focused on seafaring education and training, it supports grades to advanced degrees of captaincy and ship mechanical engineering (Master Mariner and Chief Marine engineer).

Along with the provision of marine transport training and education, MDI also provides guidance advice to the government and private institutions, it designs and prepares drawings of marine transport vessels, stability testing of vessels, inclination and tonnage testing and evaluation of waterways.

“Our college has already provided services in some vessels such as MV Kigamboni, MV SAR IV, MV Mwongozo, MV Mbeya, MV Tawa and MV Mafia Ambulance,” she said.

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