Digital firm unveils customer privacy protection systems

Storage and information management solution provider, Top Archive East Africa Company Limited Tanzania has unveiled two digital systems aimed at preserving and protecting customers’ information.

The systems are namely the information security management system and the quality management system.

The company’s Director Mr Paul Muhato said in Dar es Salaam over the weekend at an event to receive the award of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certification.

“Customer information privacy plays a very important role in the day to day activities and provides security of sensitive data,” he said.

He said Top Archive provides services related to archiving and document management to clients across all private sectors in the country.

Mr Muhato said that the certification demonstrates that Top Archive EA Limited follows the best practice company on the management of data to avoid security breaches and cyber-attacks.

He said Top Archive can maintain the standards and continually improve on the same monitored regularly and recertification is subject to Top Archive EA Limited meeting the standard requirements.

“On behalf of the Top Archive EA Limited we are pleased to have successfully attained ISO certification in line with customer requirements and will endeavour to continually innovate to surpass industry trends and expectations,” said Muhato.

Top Archive EA Limited is a record management company that has been in operation in Tanzania since August 2015 and later acquired shares of RI Management Limited in 2020.

The company was established in Tanzania and Nigeria after the success of Top Archive Ghana which was incorporated on May 2010 and is currently the market leader in all three countries.

Top Archive limited provides secure destruction of documents beyond their retention period as well as logistics services for storage and mobilisation of equipment, furniture, and stationery.

Mr Muhato said these services include solutions for physical and digital archiving with a variety of software solutions for the management of electronic documents and additional services such as the implementation of archiving policies and staff training on archiving and document management.

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