Diarra close to claim golden glove

THE race for the season’s golden glove seems over as Young Africans goalie Djigui Diarra is close to clinching it after having an outstanding performance.

With two games to go before winding up the eventful season, Diarra enjoys 16 clean sheets to his name, making him a key contender for the award that every goalkeeper wishes to claim.

Finishing the game without conceding a goal is not an easy task though most often is a cumbersome responsibility bearing in mind that the opponents are also hunting for the achievement.

The Malian goalie has had a lucrative ride ever since he landed at the Jangwani Street side, and besides catching balls, analysts acknowledged him for his sharp footwork.

Moreover, he can begin the team’s build-up as such; in simple terms, he is a complete package. No wonder he recently sealed a two-year deal to continue serving the club.

His closest pursuer is Simba shot-stopper Aishi Manula who has been sidelined for a long time due to injury and has claimed 12 clean sheets.

If he were  fit, the chase for the golden glove could have been neck to neck between the two top goalkeepers who are role models inspiring those wishing to be  goalies.

Since Manula picked an injury and left the squad for the rest of the season for treatment, his counterpart Diarra extended his chances to win the award.

Azam’s Ali Ahamada enjoys eight clean sheets to occupy the third place, while Yanga’s backup goalkeeper Metacha Mnata is fourth with seven clean sheets.

With six clean sheets are Benedict Haule (Singida Big Stars), Mohamed Mroivil (Coastal Union), Fikirini Bakari (Ihefu) and Saidi Kipao (Kagera Sugar).

All these goalies have helped their teams to win matches in the ending season, which is good for them.

Next term, the marathon for the golden glove will likely be competitive as goalkeepers will be keen to battle for it by ensuring that they record as many clean sheets as possible.

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