Cultural firm awards five creative ladies

CULTURE and Development East Africa (CDEA) in collaboration with Ladima foundation and Ignite culture has awarded software computers to five budding women designers who have completed a one-year training based on the cartoon production field.

The training was under the creative economy incubator and accelerator project which aimed at using innovation and technology to bring economic change.

This was revealed by the CDEA’s Executive Director Ayeta Anne Wangusa on Wednesday while celebrating women’s day accompanied by the theme which states that ‘Creative Women and the Digital Era’.

During the occasion, the Executive Director noted that CDEA’s Creative Economy Incubator and Accelerator Initiative is a platform that empowers artists, artisans, and creative entrepreneurs to implement their artistic and business ideas based on an open call to join the incubator for incubates from East Africa.

Not only empowering artists, but she added, the project also focuses on the mobility of creatives that helps creative entrepreneurs to win the global market by promoting their works.

While addressing this, she also listed the five awarded members who are Ruth Nazzinda from Uganda,  Gwantwa Lucas, Nsile Uiso, Adelide Jachi and Zuwena Othuman from Tanzania.

She said that as the awards have been handed over, the project will continue to supervise the designers for a period of six months to ensure that they promote their work well and engage with other cartoonists way forward to exchange ideas.

One of the awarded members, Nsile Uiso said as there were 10 contestants in the training and five remained, the training and the award have motivated her to put a big effort into promoting the works.

She emphasised other animators and incubators to properly use the social network platforms since they will help them to support their works.

Uisso has also shown gratitude to the stakeholders for providing them with the devices as an advantage for them to advance their professional work and find market networks worldwide.

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