Coast Region open doors for investors

COAST Regional Commissioner Mr Aboubakar Kunenge has invited local and foreign investors to the region which is a strategic area for investment with potential infrastructures and friendly environment.

Mr Kunenge extended the invitation this week while briefing journalists on the upcoming Investment and Business Week Exhibitions to be held in Kibaha Town from 5th to 10th of October this year.

The exhibitions has been jointly organised by Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) Eastern Zone office and TANTRADE

“Our region has all that is required for investment projects. We are situated close to the Dar es Salaam harbour and airport, we have reliable water and electricity services and we also have plenty of land”, he said.

He added that, currently there is a total of 1,460 industries in the region whereby 90 are large scale industries.

A total of 520 individuals are expected to participate directly in the exhibitions which is expected to draw more than 15, 000 visitors.

Expounding, RC Kunenge said that the region had conducted two business exhibitions in year 2018 and 2019 but failed to do so in two consecutive years that is from year 2020 and 2021 due to COVID 19 disease outbreak.

“This year, we have changed the name of our event from Business Exhibition to Investment and  Business Week to add more value to it and promote investment activities in our region which has a large number of industries”, he noted.

RC Kunenge went on to say that during this year’s exhibitions, all individuals who will have interest for starting investment projects will be given opportunity to visit the ongoing Kwala Industrial Park project.

“We will also have a conference for investors and facilitating agencies in the region whereby each side will hear from  one another and find f ways to improve services for better results,”

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