China opens doors to APEC card and studying permits holders

China Embassy in Tanzania has announced that foreign nationals holding valid  APEC  cards and Residence Permits for Studying are allowed to enter the Asian economic powerhouse starting from Wednesday, this week.
According to the announcement made by the  Embassy released over the weekend, those who would have questions regarding to the visas should contact the Embassy.
“Notice on Allowing Entry by Foreign Nationals Holding Valid APEC Business Travel Cards and Valid Residence Permits for Studying 2022-08-20 21:20 Starting from 00:00 on August 24, 2022 (Wednesday), Beijing time, foreign nationals holding valid APEC business travel cards or valid residence permits for studying are allowed to enter China.
“If there’s other question about Chinese visas, please contact the embassy by calling 255-746-948298 (Monday to Friday: 8:00–12:00AM),” reads the announcement.
The APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) is a card issued to business travellers and senior government officials who meet certain requirements.
APEC manages the ABTC program, which it refers to as the ABTC scheme.
 The ABTC scheme seeks to facilitate travel in the APEC region.

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