Chief Secretary tells regulators to support private sector

THE government expects regulatory bodies to help Tanzania’s young private sector grow and blossom, instead of undermining it, Chief Secretary, Dr Moses Kusiluka has said.

Speaking at the 43rd extra-ordinary session of the Executive Committee of the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) attended by all heads of regulatory bodies, Dr Kusiluka said the duty of regulatory bodies is to facilitate, encourage and help the nation’s young private sector grow and flourish instead of choking it.

He called on CEOs to submit to the government for action, all sections of their laws that are an impediment to the growth of the private sector.

“Every chief executive officer should go through the laws that establish these bodies. Any section seen to be undermining the growth of our young private sector should be submitted to relevant authorities so that they can be worked upon,” he told the CEOs.

Dr Kusiluka added: “We want our laws to empower and help business grow. We are not expected to use these laws to undermine the growth of business; to use laws to suffocate the private sector is incompatible with the agenda of the government that is led by President Samia Suluhu Hassan.”

The government’s agenda, he explained, is to have a very strong private sector that gives full contribution to the nation.

The Chairman of the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), and co-chairman of the TNBC Executive Committee, Ms Angelina Ngalula expressed delight that the extra-ordinary session had discussed important issues that have cropped up and commended the government for taking many `steps that support the growth of the private sector.

The government, she said, has taken significant and noticeable steps to promote the private sector, adding that regulatory bodies should have an identical vision in dealing with the private sector.

The TNBC Executive Secretary, Dr Godwill Wanga showered praise on the government for its deliberate measures to promote the growth of the private sector.

The biggest concern of the private sector, he said, are the many taxes that have to be paid and the levies that keep emerging without observing required procedures.

“The private sector wants to see a comprehensive review of laws and levies to know whether or not they truly promote the growth of the private sector,” he said.

The extraordinary session sought to establish a common understanding between regulatory bodies and the private sector, which is pivotal in the country’s economic development.

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