CAReH Africa supports hospitals in Tanzania

THE Centre to Advance Research on Health in Africa (CAReH Africa) has donated medical coats to the Ifakara Health Institute which will be distributed to various hospitals and health centres in the country.

Speaking at the handover ceremony held in Dar e Salaam on Sunday, one of the founders of the institute, Prof of Medicine Gbenga Ogedegbe, at the New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine in the USA, said that the vision of the centre is to build sustainable capacity throughout Africa to combat challenges that exist in the health sector.

Prof Ogedegbe said, CAReH Africa has planned to ensure that using evidence informed capacity-building strategies, will work with stakeholders to develop and implement contextualised solutions that address the burden of diseases in Africa.

“Our approach is based on our extensive experience conducting high impact research to improve health outcomes, with specificity on enhancing human resources and capacity, throughout the healthcare continuum.

Based on our global experience, we have developed a conceptual model of approach in all of our work called SUSTAIN [Share, Utilise, Solve, Train, Advance, Implement, Network] with a motto of “Sharing and utilising evidence informed solutions to train stakeholders, advance and implement strategies through network building,” said Prof Ogedegbe.

On his part, the Senior Researcher of the Ifakara Health Institute, Dr Jerry Hella, thanked the centre for the support given and added that the medical coats  will be distributed in various hospitals in the country.

“This aid has come through us because we work in collaboration with the CAReH Africa institution, but we will donate the coats to Temeke and Mwananyamala hospitals.

CAReH Africa, supports all levels of healthcare engagement to help practices and institutions identify contextualised improvement needs, develop skills and engage in capacity building efforts.

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