Business companies to triumph the SDGs awards

UN Global Compact Network Tanzania has launched the course of verdict the winner of the annual awards for commercial companies that have shown their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The process was launched last week in Dar es Salaam by Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Amina Shaban with the aim of developing cooperation between the private sector and the Government in implementing the goals of sustainable development.

The deputy secretary-general said the UN Global Compact Tanzanian brand which includes private sector stakeholders are key government partners who make a voluntary review of these sustainable development goals.

“These stakeholders we have requested them to look at how this commercial award can help implement our national goals but these goals have included the goals of sustainable development, this is in changing the world and in implementing that there is a 2030 agenda,” he said.

He said the Tanzanian government has chosen five areas that are important.

These areas are the people, the world, the well-being of the people, the security and the joint venture aimed at developing cooperation between the Government and the private sector.

In addition, UN Global Compact Network Tanzania Board Chairman, Simon Shayo, said the awards aim to evaluate the 17 goals of sustainable development that the nation evaluates each year.

Shayo, who is also vice president of Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML), responsible for sustainable development on the part of Tanzania and Ghana, said that despite the fact that the world will be tested by 2030 to see where the countries have achieved, the largest is being tested by a joint venture.

He said goal 17 calls on the government and the private sector and others to enter into a joint venture in ensuring that the current development is helping to ensure that no groups or countries remain behind.

“When our development goals reach 2030 we want to see transparency, diminish poverty and improve the lives of people worldwide.

“We have areas where the Government has partnered with the private sector and the Government has chosen five goals that will evaluate and show what the private sector input is, to achieve these contributions.

“So many goals as you see in the National Development Plan and in 2025 Plan the Government is doing well, despite the fact that there are areas where we delayed by the effects of the UVIKO-19 but as a country and its stakeholders we have taken some steps to make sure we move forward, ”he said.

He mentioned areas that the nation has taken on are education, water and other areas and believes by 2030 as a developing country will have made great strides.

He said the meeting of the private sector with the government to review joint reports is proof that there is good participation.

“For example, all Water Projects are implemented and being represented by the Government, the private sector and development partners.

He said that was one of the areas in which the government has shown great strides.

“But also, in terms of gender equality as a country we have made great strides, including the issue of 50/50 you will see even in development projects we have touched all people without leaving anyone around.

“So as the private sector we have the opportunity to continue to partner with the Government to ensure that each of these goals 16 and 17 are of the joint venture,” he said.

He said the UN Global Compact would like commercial companies to consider their behaviour so that the goal would not only be profitable but also be a sustainable benefit to the fact that the company’s profits and businesses seemed to make a difference in people’s lives.

“They also seem to protect the world and future generations, seem to bring prosperity to all people, appear to be businesses that build partnerships with the government and in the end, we believe investors and the government will bring progress,” said Shayo.

In addition,  he emphasized the development of debates on the voluntary statement of which Tanzania is one of the 42 countries that will voluntarily provide information to the implementation of the sustainable development goals that will take place in July this year in the United States.

For his part, a member of the UN Global Compact Tanzanian brand, Anna Henga said the presence of the brand aims to solve various challenges related to investment and people who dealing with investors.

She cited the challenges such as compensation issues for people with investment, taxes on investment companies and other complaints.

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