BRELA to reach collection goals this year 

BUSINESS Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) has collected 87 per cent of this year’s target with two months at hand thanks to information technology advancement.

The business licensing agent in the first week of this month had already collected 25.237bn/- for the year ending June against the set target of 28.904bn/-.

BRELA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Godfrey Nyaisa said over the weekend in Dar es Salaam during a ceremony to congratulate the best workers and all staff that the success was partly due to the use of IT systems that enabled them to achieve the goals by 87 per cent.

Additionally, Mr Nyaisa said the achievement was also the result of registering 12,398 companies out of the targeted 13,100 equal to 95 per cent. The agency also registered 23,075 business names from 25,000 or 92 per cent and 53 patents out of 35 comes to 151 per cent.

BRELA through the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) Agency managed to register 33 per cent of its goal after receiving 212 patent applications out of 650. Trademarks and services 3,272 out of 4,120 equal to 79 per cent while issuing 160 industrial licences out of 200 or 80 per cent and 35 industrial registration certificates out of 44 equal to 80 per cent, and 13,327 business licences out of 13,750 equal to 97 per cent.

“This success is the good use of IT where we have been able to carry out our duties diligently and registered a success as we are heading to the end of the year,” Mr Nyaisa said adding that the use of IT systems may enable them to achieve their goals 100 per cent.

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