Bluetti Initiative Donates 250 Solar Kits To Address Power Shortages in Tanzanian Rural Schools

ARUSHA: As Tanzania continues to grapple with severe power shortages, the adverse impact on students education becomes increasingly evident.

Frequent power outages disrupt study routines ,limiting students ability to adequately prepare for exams.

The situation is dire, with many students forced to study with candlelight, compromising academic performance and overall learning experience.

In response to this issue, Bluetti, a global leader in renewable energy through its Lighting An Africa Family project (LAAF) has donated 250 solar power kits to Nkokakirika Primary School and Poli Primary School in Arusha Poli, Tanzania on July 8, 2024.

This donation aims to reduce unreliable power challenges faced by students and improve learning opportunities to enable them to study and complete assignments even at dusk.

The gathering includes a large turnout of students, teachers, community leaders, village heads, and Bluetti representatives at Tanzania Arusha Poli.

Annelise Boniface, Head of School, Nkokakirika Primary School, who could not hide his delight commended Bluetti’s effort and noted that the initiative will allow students to study without interruptions and pave the way for a brighter academic performance.

While giving his vote of thanks towards the donation, Onesmo Krilo, the Njoro Village Commissioner, stated “We are grateful to Bluetti for supporting and empowering our children education; this donation will have a great impact on the school and our community at large and our children will be able to concentrate on their studies”.

LAAF is Bluetti’s corporate social responsibility project established to light up millions of African families by providing clean energy solutions to communities struggling with unreliable electricity and enhancing the quality of life while promoting sustainability.

So far, the LAAF project has made a series of donations in 10 African countries, including Nigeria, Malawi, Chad, and Tanzania, aiming to reach millions of households.

Bluetti is dedicated to continuing this mission, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn in a conducive environment.

Regions and institutions in need are encouraged to reach out via

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