ATCL fails to land at Bukoba airport

Air Tanzania (ATCL) was forced to make an emergency landing in Mwanza on Friday after failing to land at the Bukoba Airport over severe weather conditions.

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) said it was a right decision by the pilot recalling unfavorable conditions at the airport. “It was dark, windy and associated with lightning. No plane can land under such circumstances,” TCAA Director General, Mr Hamza Johari told Daily News.

ATCL has not made any comment. But the Director General maintained such conditions are normal in the industry.

A passenger plane with 43 people crashed into Lake Victoria early this month killing at least 19 people. It was approximately 100 meters before landing at Bukoba Airport. Authorities cited bad weather.

The government and the cabinet of ministers ordered a thorough investigation involving experts from within and outside the country.

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