How Ansarullah Tanzania Institute celebrated Caliphate Day in Dar

The Islamic Institute of Majlis Ansarullah marked World Caliphate Leadership Day over the weekend in the world on over the weekend as Muslim Community to serve the community.

Speaking during the celebrations held at Masjid Salaam Hall in Mnazi Mmoja, Dar es Salaam, SADR, Swaleh Kitabu Pazi said their aim is to ensure that the community maintains good leadership, discipline and respect for leaders at various levels.

Emphasizing he said, leadership is part of human life and it is each one’s responsibility to respect leadership as well as one another.

Naib Amir Sahib Shekhe Abdulrahman Mohammed giving his speech during the celebrations

“We provide various sermons, publications, newspapers and magazines that continue educating them on leadership, responsibility and respect, but we don’t only end there, we also touch the lives of those in need. We help the less fortunate like orphans,” SADR Pazi said.

He added that the various services that they provide target those in rural areas as well.

On his side, Naib Amir Sahib Shekhe Abdulrahman Mohammed Ame said the institution has been running its services with income from various contributions from its people who are determined to keep the institution alive.

Various guests at the colorful event“Each member of the community gives 1/16 of his income, but for those who are more interested, give up to 1/3 of their assets and that’s what is happening.” said Shekhe Ame.

Amir Sahib Sheikh Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry, Leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Tanzania gives his speech at the celebrationsHe said, despite religious services, the institution has also been providing other social services such as water, health and solar electricity.

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