Airtel, TerraPay to offer money services to travellers to UAE

DAR ES SALAAM: AIRTEL Money Tanzania, in partnership with TerraPay a cross-border payments network has launched an international remittance service enabling Airtel Money customers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to make purchases at points of sale terminals.

The Terra pay service with Airtel will allow customers with Airtel Money accounts to pay for services at no extra cost. This announcement follows the recent launch of the 10 per cent Fly Dubai discount launched in July.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam on Thursday while announcing the new partnership, Airtel Money Director Andrew Rugamba said, “Airtel Tanzania is committed to offering innovative solutions that cater to our customers’ daily needs and provide value. With the launch of Airtel Money in partnership with TerraPay in the UAE, we aim to address the payment challenges our customers encounter when travelling to Dubai.

We recognise the government’s commendable international diplomatic policies that have been fostering stronger trade relationships with various countries, including the UAE.

The rising number of Tanzanian travellers visiting the United Arab Emirates for diverse purposes, such as trade, tourism, official visits and government missions, is a clear reflection of the increasing demand.

Our partnership with TerraPay eliminates the need for travellers to carry large sums of cash or go through the hassle of currency exchange each time they journey to the UAE,”

Mr Rugamba emphasised that Airtel Money is continuously evolving to be more inclusive, providing faster, more convenient, safer and cost-effective services.

The wide range of services available through Airtel Money will not only enhance its usage but also solidify Airtel’s position as the preferred service provider in the country and beyond.

Regional Director for East and Southern Africa at TerraPay Willie Kanyeki spoke about the significance of the partnership with Airtel Money Tanzania.

He described the Airtel–TerraPay partnership as a strategic initiative aimed at advancing financial inclusion in the country and encouraging the transition to a cashless economy.

He said “Airtel Money and TerraPay partnership demonstrates the commitment Airtel Money has towards its customers.

Airtel Money continues to offer products and services that customers enjoy anytime, anywhere, a policy TerraPay lives by,”

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