Airtel, Indian discuss stretching technology in Tanzania

Airtel Tanzania, the smartphone network, on Sunday held a discussion with top leadership of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) to extend technology studies in the country.

The discussion follows the IIT plans to set up a campus in the country which Airtel will support the institute with high quality communication technology and data better services.

The IIT is one of the world famous institutes of technology which offers courses in information technology, metallurgy, mining engineering, and chemical engineering and so on and has only two campuses outside India which are located in Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking after the meeting the academics, Airtel Tanzania Managing Director Dinesh Balsingh said that the new partnership between Airtel and IIT will see the later setting up a campus in Zanzibar which will be called IIT Madras which will be serving Zanzibar and the rest of East African region.

“We really appreciate the management of IIT for visiting us here at Airtel and we want to commit ourselves that we will offer the best services of data expected to meet their expectations,” Mr Balsingh added.

The discussions where held when the top IIT academics visited Airtel Tanzania headquarters during a working tour which was aimed at establishing ways on how the IIT can support the country education and especially on technology.

Mr Balsingh said IIT Zanzibar is expected open its doors in October with a batch of 50 undergraduate students and 20 master’s students. For the first year, the institution will offer data science and artificial intelligence courses.

The decision to set up the first campus in Zanzibar is because of the Isles historical significance as a trade hub and its current attempt to reposition itself as an international business centre. In addition, Zanzibar offers both the tranquillity of a relatively small town, allowing students to maintain focus on their studies, and access to the rich Swahili culture, which would enrich their experiences.

“Now with IIT establishing campus here in the country, this will be a very big milestone as the country will be producing its own professionals here and there for the agenda of government industrialization will be a dream come true,” said Mr Balsingh.

He added that IITs are accorded special status, commonly called ‘institutions of high importance’. For that reason, the investment they will put in the country will improve the skills and standards of our learners.

The IIT model focuses on producing those 12 per cent of elite workers. That is the portion of the workforce that attracts investment, launches innovative ventures, integrates the economy with the rest of the world, and pulls it forward by its bootstraps.

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