Academicians urged to uphold best practices

RUVUMA: ACADEMICINAS in the country have been urged to continue upholding best practices in education and avoid negativity in many issues that make their existence even unimportant to the public.

The statement was made by the Vice Chancellor of the Open University of Tanzania, Professor Elifas Bisanda yesterday during the Annual General Meeting of the Convocation held at Ruvuma Regional Centre and attended by the members of national and international community.

He said in some cases educated people are corrupt and have negative attitude towards implementation of many issues including the newly revised education and training policy 2023.

Prof Bisanda said language is not the only leading factor as many people could be saying instead the focus should be on others if they real exist as what is needed is compatibility of the skills that teachers impart to the learners.

“The language of teaching is not a problem to students instead to lectures who teach by using Kiswahili”, said Professor Bisanda.

He said the language of teaching should be compatible with the local environment that moulds a child from his/her childhood endeavor.

Professor Makenya Maboko from University of Dar es salaam who was a key note speaker said the newly revised education and training policy emphasize acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes that uphold employability and self-employment.

“Tanzania need to transform its curricula through policy and implement best practices of it through competent based education from lower levels in order to produce competent graduates”, said Prof Maboko

He said establishment of competent based programmes cater for the needs of labour market and economic opportunities in the country.

A lecturer from Faculty of Business Management at the Open University of Tanzania, Dr Chacha Matoka said the implementation of the new revised policy should be delayed as there is no proper preparation for its implementation from infrastructures to human resources.

“For instance, provision of tablets to teachers in the country is of no use as many of them are using for chatting and other non-beneficial uses for themselves and public at large” said Dr Chacha.

The 33rd Annual General Meeting of the Convocation of the Open University of Tanzania gathered a number of participants from inside and outside Tanzania and a topic on “The Implications of the Newly Revised Education and Training Policy 2023 and the Future of Higher Education Institutions in Tanzania”.

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