187 emergency units constructed across the country

AT least 187 Emergency Units (EU) have been constructed across the country in efforts to improve health services delivery to the people.

Deputy Minister for Health, Dr Godwin Mollel told reporters in Bukoba Municipality on Wednesday that the government recently allocated a total of 891.5bn/- for buying essential equipment including CT scans and MRI machines.

He said the money was allocated out of the normal budget which is an indication of government commitment to improve health services in the country.

“President Samia Suluhu Hassan is committed to ensure that Tanzanians get timely and improved health services. These efforts are highly commendable and should be supported. Each one of us should ensure that the infrastructures are protected,” he said.

He commended, Kagera regional authorities including workers under his ministry for their efforts to save lives during the Precision Air accident on Sunday that killed 19 people.

Meanwhile, Kagera residents have hailed President Samia Suluhu Hassan for implementing people-oriented programmes that have positively improved people’s lives.

In a cross interview with the ‘Daily News’,  Missenyi District  resident, Jackob Babindangire (64),  explained that the completion of health facilities including health centres and dispensaries  has helped people to get timely  medical treatment.

“In the past we had to walk a 20-km distance from Kilimilile village to Kyaka health centre. However, we recently witnessed the completion of a dispensary at our own village,” he said.

Sauda Hassan (25), a resident of Migera Street, in Bukoba Municipality aired similar compliments noting that many lives of pregnant women and children have been saved through improved health services.

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