120 golfers to brighten 2024 Morogoro Open

MOROGORO Open golf tournament prides itself on being unique and is expected to be at the centre of attraction this weekend.

Over 120 golfers registered for tomorrow’s tee-off at the only country’s brown course in Morogoro.

The event will climax on Sunday. Seif Mcharo, the club captain, told the ‘Daily News’ from Morogoro on Tuesday that preparations for the three-day 54 holes’ battle is finalized.

Mcharo said that they are thrilled to have received such good responses from golfers across the country.

“We are doing great, everything is in place for the Friday tee-off, and we have received over 123 entries, it is wonderful and a sign that we are back where we belong,” she said.

For the first time he said the Morogoro Open event has been upgraded to the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) points competition which would be an extra motivation for youths.

And this week’s staging of golf’s national-level third event looks set to be equally as challenging, as top golfers aim for important WAGR points.

He said other categories include men’s division A, B and C, seniors, ladies and juniors will be battling for two days 36 holes’ showdown tee off Saturday and Sunday.

Host Godfrey Leveria was delighted to win the title last year and will be on course aiming to continue to outsmart the youths to defend his title.

The event which is bankrolled by the main sponsor Alliance will help to boost the region’s tourism among others. It is also set to rediscover talents and will also be utilized for national team selection.

Morogoro Regional Commissioner, Adam Malima was recently quoted saying that the event plays an important role in promoting the local tourism industry both nationally and internationally.

He said Morogoro has a variety of attractions and the region is a very safe area for visitors and tourists alike. Premium Active Tanzania, Mkwawa Leaf, NMB Bank, DIL, and Viridium Tanzania Ltd are the tournament co-sponsors.

Morogoro Open is the third event in the 2024 TGU calendar following the Coast Zone Inter-Club championship and the Northern Zone championship.

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