ZFF unveils candidates for presidential post

THE Zanzibar Football Federation’s election committee has released the names of the candidates eligible to contest for the federation’s presidential post.

ZFF revealed the names of three candidates ahead of the Annual General Meeting and general election both to be conducted here on July 8th this year,.

The committee’s chairman Fadhil Ramadhan Mberwa  named the candidates  as  Suleiman Mahmoud Jabir, Kamal Abdulsatar Haj and Juma Hassan Thabit ‘Kaponda’.

He said all three have been passed for election as there was no objection against them.

“All three  have been eligible to contest for the federation’s top post  as we didn’t receive neither appeal nor objection against them,” said Mberwa.

He said previously nine contestants had taken nomination forms and seven candidates returned the nomination forms .

After a scrutiny, four candidates  were disqualified including, the former post holder, Abdullatif Ali Yasin.

Others who were disqualified were Nasra Juma Mohamed, Rajab Ali Rajab and Mwinyi Khalid Mohammed.

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