Zanzibar unveils lease opportunities for investors at Mangapwani

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR has announced investment opportunities at the Mangapwani coastal area covering 933 hectares.

The area is suitable for multiple seaport business, including construction of a Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) terminal for the importation and exportation of oil and gas products.

Speaking to journalists here recently, the Executive Director of the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA), Mr Shariff Ali Shariff, said that the government’s intention was to develop the area.

Among others, investors will be able to invest in areas of CBM, satellite city and modern residential houses.

Mr Shariff asked all those who are interested in investing in Mangapwani to follow all the legal procedures set by the Zanzibar government.

“The area of Mangapwani has a size of 933 hectares and the area intended for oil and gas investment has a total size of 47.57 hectares and is divided into three main areas Zone A, which has a size of 17.8 hectares, Zone B, which has a size of 16.2 hectares and Zone C has a size of 13.56 hectares,” Mr Sharif explained.

On his part, the ZIPA Director of Policy, Research and Planning, Mr Emmanuel Mashimba, explained: “We are looking for a company with the ability to build CBM and set up the infrastructure for oil and gas storage in the area.”

“The companies that are needed to apply as soon as possible are those with a good record in investment and experience in such business, while taking into account environment protection,” said Mr Mashimba.

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