Zanzibar to push for unresolved union contentious matters

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has assured that it is still working on pending matters impeding smooth operations between Mainland and Isles.

Presenting the report on the implementation of the CCM Manifesto on the part of Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar at the CCM’s 10th National Congress concluded in Dodoma on Wednesday, the second Vice President of Zanzibar Hemed Suleiman Abdulla said 14 Union vexes have been resolved.

He assured that basic argument and the other four issues that remain will be addressed within the next short period.

VP Abdulla also mentioned the success of the government which includes improvements in the tourism sector.

He said that currently the number of days tourists can stay in Zanzibar has been increased from six to eight days.

Equally, he said the state of Zanzibar’s economy has continued to improve and reached an average of 5.1 per cent in 2020.

“In the remaining three years of the implementation of the CCM Manifesto, pending issues will be implemented as planned,” he said.

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