Zanzibar to crack down on criminals

ZANZIBAR: IN efforts to stop or minimise crime linked to immoral behaviour in the community, President Hussein Ali Mwinyi has asked members of the public to swiftly report crime and suspicious movement.

President Mwinyi was speaking during Friday prayers held at Mushawwar, Mwembeshauri mosque, in Unguja Urban District, where he expressed disappointment on the occurrence of criminal incidents within the community.

Members of the public have in recent days complained over the increase in incidents of vandalism, theft of farm produce and violence against children and Women.

“Each member of the community has a great role to play on this, let’s report these criminal incidents to the authority so that actions can be taken,” noted President Mwinyi.

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He said the government through district and regional defence and security committees is looking forward to carrying out a crackdown on all criminals in the isles.

“We are going to hunt down these criminals, this operation is involving every citizen, we are therefore asking for cooperation and crucial information to arrest the suspects,” he said.

Earlier on, delivering the Friday Prayer Sermon, Sheikh Ali Abdulrahman AlHilal from the Office of the Grand Mufti of Zanzibar, condemned the incident that happened recently in Kagera region, where a two years child with albinism was abducted and brutally killed.

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