Zanzibar plans for dividends day

ZANZIBAR: THE Zanzibar Treasury Registrar (ZTR) is planning to have a special day for the public investment entities dividends payout to the government.

Isles President’s Office Treasury and Planning, Treasury Registrar Waheed Mohamed Ibrahim Sanya yesterday told reporters that the date will be set in the near future.

“Let us collaborate; you have the ability to educate people, particularly public institutions and parastatals directly linked to our responsibilities. We have a lot to share,” Mr Sanya said.

The engagement with members of the media was to educate them on the role of Treasury Registrar in the isles.

Senior officers: Mr Mohamed Amour Keis; Mr Mustafa Abdalla Omar; Ms Firdaus Khatib Juma; and Mr Shaaban Omar Othman, all from the Treasury office lined-up to make presentations on different roles of the Treasury Registrar office.

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Some of the functions outlined included regulating public investments on behalf of the government; and approving investment proposals of public investments entities.

Also to promote ethics of good governance in all business transactions including issuing directives of public investment entities on annual budgets, strategic plans, business plans, investments plans and any other related matters to implement government policies in public investments entities.

“We have already signed MoU with the Tanzania’s Treasury Registrar and agreed on experience sharing,” Ms Juma said.

She said that the ZTR is also tasked to make recommendations to the minister on dividend policy; and issues guidelines, procedures and operating manuals for the oversight of public investment entities.

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