Zanzibar on track in building a better public service

ZANZIBAR: THE Isles Minister of State, Office of the President (Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance), Haroun Ali Suleiman has said that as Zanzibar celebrates its 60th anniversary of the 1964 revolution, it has embarked on building a better public service.

He said that a better public service is enabled by the diligence, care, ethical conduct and innovation of Zanzibar’s more than 40,000 public servants and that the move is backed by ongoing ‘public service reforms.’

Speaking about the development of his Ministry in the past six decades since the 1964 revolution, Mr Suleiman said the reforms, particularly under the incumbent President Hussein Ali Mwinyi, have resulted in improved services delivery.

“Following the reforms, public servants are expected to observe codes of conduct, guidelines and ethics, including courtesy, openness and transparency, maintaining service standards and giving best value,” the Minister said at the ‘Mapinduzi @60 ministerial press conference’ held here.

Each Ministry has its specific day to engage with journalists/media to unveil its development or achievements in the past 60 years and mention challenges and expectations in the future.

Mr Haroun Ali Suleiman emphasised that public servants are expected to advance social and economic development through the services that they provide to citizens. He mentioned that the expectation is to win public trust by having sustainable capacity building, improving the working environment and welfare.

“We want to ensure that all public servants are ICT literate, have better planning in place, observe laws and rules and are self-driven to deliver,” the minister said.

In addition to talking about the development of individual ministries for the past 60 years, many leaders are also either laying the foundation stone or inaugurating development projects in Unguja and Pemba before the anniversary climax on January 12, 2024.

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