Zanzibar First VP to grace 8th EA Philanthropy Conference

ZANZIBAR First Vice President, Mr Othman Masoud Othman is expected to be the chief guest of the upcoming eighth East African Philanthropy Conference scheduled for 28th-30th of June, this year.

Organised by the East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) and the Legal Services Facility (LSF), the event will be held in Zanzibar’s Madinat Al Bahr Hotel under the theme ‘Systems Transformation: Catalysing Collective Action’.

The conference, an unparalleled gathering of visionaries, will unfold its transformative power and set the stage for a paradigm shift, where audacious ideas merge with unwavering collaboration, shaping a sustainable future.

Amidst a dynamic philanthropic landscape, the East Africa Philanthropy Conference stands tall as the premier annual convergence orchestrated by the East Africa Philanthropy Network.

“This illustrious event musters philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, corporate titans, and policymakers, rallying them to confront the paramount challenges of our time,” reads part of the statement issued by the EAPN Chief Executive Officer, Mr Evans Okinyi.

Adding: “Mr Othman’s eminent presence amplifies the conference’s significance, echoing the government’s resolute dedication to philanthropy and propelling sustainable development across East Africa.”

Renowned for his indomitable spirit in public service and catalysing positive change, Mr Othman embodies the epitome of visionary leadership, infusing hope and inspiration into the hearts of communities.

“We stand humbled and elated to have the Vice President Mr Othman grace us as the revered chief guest for the Eighth East Africa Philanthropy Conference; his exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to championing social welfare and sustainable development will ignite a fire within every participant, catalysing ground breaking solutions to the challenges that confront our communities,” the statement said.

The Eighth East Africa Philanthropy Conference promises an immersive experience, enthralling participants with a curated programme that encompasses visionary keynote addresses, dynamic panel discussions, immersive workshops, and coveted networking opportunities.

Esteemed delegates hailing from diverse sectors will illuminate the path, weaving their expertise into a web of collaboration, propelling tangible change.

Beyond the conference halls, participants will venture into the heart of communities, witnessing the first-hand profound impact of philanthropic initiatives, forging an unbreakable bond with the essence of transformation.

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