Yanga parade stops at rivals Simba’s home to celebrate 29th trophy

Msimbazi Street, home to Simba SC at Kariakoo in Dar es Salaam has turned into a scene of celebrations as Young Africans parade their 29th Premier League title.

The street which is dominated by ready and white as the club’s official colours were abruptly overpowered by green and yellow as Young Africans parade title reached the place.

A massive turnout of people has been seen as the open-top bus being used by Yanga to parade the trophy slowly meanders to the club’s headquarters at Jangwani street.

The moment escalates when suspended Yanga Information Officer Haji Manara holds up the trophy at the top of the bus joyfully showing it to some Simba fans waving their team’s flag from the top of the club’s building.

It was an entertaining moment for the passionate football fans of the two biggest teams in the country who peacefully embrace the historic event.

This shows the true meaning of traditional rivalry between the country’s two football powerhouses.

Heavy security presence has been witnessed at the area as Police with dogs line up the entire street dividing supporters of the two clubs from integrating.

The big crowd has brought congestion at the busiest area of Kariakoo as the parade slowly moves to its final destination.

Yes, this is another indicator of the beautiful game of football and Tanzanians have once again shown the world how best to celebrate the championship.

Meanwhile, the number of fans tripled when the parade arrived at Yanga’s headquarters located at Jangwani Streets where the celebration climaxes.

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