Women with disabilities urged to divulge policy issues affecting them

Women with disabilities dealing with human rights activism have been urged to divulge some policy related challenges that act as an obstacle to their participation in digital platforms.

The advice was given by the national coordinator of the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC), Advocate Onesmo Ole Ngurumwa, during the commemoration of International Women’s Day (IWD).

“ICTs and other digital platforms offer opportunities for human rights activism and economic advancement. However, women with disabilities are not accessing them equally, like other members of society. It is therefore time to discuss and suggest ways forward so that you are not left behind,” said Advocate Ole Ngurumwa.

He added that businesses are now shifting to digital platforms as he advised them to seize the moment by teaming to engage the government in order to address their challenges.

He also advised to use the opportunity to suggest friendly policies for all women, including those with physical challenges.

“Without clear methods of solving this, disabled women will continue to be left behind in attaining their rights and participating in economic activities,” he added.

On her part, THRDC’s Head of Special Human Rights Defenders Department, Ms Perpetua Senkoro, advised women with disabilities to raise their voices to be heard and attract the needed attention.

 “We have to be heard and involved in development planning and activism. Let’s raise our voices and be heard even if we are working from marginalized areas,” said Ms Senkoro, who is also living with albinism.

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